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Edda Varona, NP

Edda Varona, NP
Family Medicine (Adults Only)
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Edda M. Varona, is currently practicing in Adult Primary Care, is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Prior to coming to Neighborhood Health, she worked in Urgent Care at Kaiser Permanente but was also Certified in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing and worked in Private Practice. Working at NH gives her a strong sense of belonging as everyone who works in this organization share a Mission, giving quality of care with compassion in the service of many who are disenfranchised and marginalized. When she takes time away from NH, she loves to travel off the beaten path where she enjoys different cultures at their grassroots. The arts are rejuvenating for her, trips to Art Museums, attending opera, seeing plays or listening to symphony. She is an avid reader of the history and current events in the world.

Specialties Family Medicine (Adults Only)
Language English, Tagalog
Location Richmond Highway

Graduate Education

FNP, University of Virginia, 1998
MSN, University of Virginia, 1976

Undergraduate Education

BSN, University of Philippines, 1964